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Steven is CRAZY.

okay, so that tow headed boy Steven finally got up with me, he said he calls me like every day but I never get it. So yeah. He's like..funny and shit. We talked from like 5:45 to 7.20...and Im just updating cause...Im bored as shit. And shit. I bought a shirt with mary jane leaves on it. Its cool as fick. Fick. Yeah well. Steven was talking about last wednesday he was in wal-mart stoned and he was trying to steal Bruce Almighty on DVD, even though he doesnt have a DVD player, and he was like "Just as soon as I got the thing open, my pants fell down." and I laughed..then later he said that that couldnt of happened. What? And oh, he was talking about how at the Mullet Bucket these three guys from West came up to him and they were like blah blah blah and this one guy just stared at him without blinking the entire time right, and he was like "yeah he was trying to be all tough right, and umm...I pissed my pants"..he's funny.
And that's about it. Im...I dont know. So this weekend Megan asked me to stay to her house and that girl is trippin on acid and crack and coke and I dont know what else, so I probably will, go get nice and fucked up. But then I wanted Brittany to stay to my house one night, and Allison was supposed to, cause we talked about it last weekend, her and Olivia were gonna, so I don't know. I life...wasnt so fucked up.
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