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Dude, its been a crazy fucking weekend.
Friday night I stayed with Megan..trying to remember what happened and shit...we smoked a joint out to the school..and then me and Katy and Jenna and Melissa and Megan rode around with Joey and Arren, who had beer. Katy spilled beer all over my pants so I made Arren give me his. And then I had to change in front of everyone. But I didnt care. And much happened...I cant remember anything....Dude. But I certainly remember singing Colt 45 alot. Cause at Atlantic middle school there's a little place in the courtyard they call the Crack Hole cause everyone does drugs back there. And we were sitting back there and I just took a hit of the bowl and I said in a really high pitched voice "That is some gooooooood shit!" and everyone laughed...I love being high....And then Steven snuck out and got his cousin to steal his parents car to come to Atlantic to come visit me. And HE ASKED ME OUT! Finally! Lol. And I said yes. And we were sitting on Megan's swing and he put his arm around me and it was cute. But then on the way home THEY WRECKED THE CAR. And I felt sooo bad. Cause it was my fault. But Steven didnt get hurt. And I love him. And I talked to him on the phone yesterday. And he doesnt blame me at all! Crazy mofo. Actually, he says it was worth it. And when we got off the phone he said "I love you"..and I said "I love you too."
And saturday morning I had to get up really early cause Megan woke me up to go with her and her friend Justin for him to get speakers in his car. BOOM BOOMS! Justin's a sweet child. We went to Anderson Audio and I kept doing stupid things..Justin says Im funny...woo...beavers...and now I have this AC/DC song we were listening when I was riding around with Justin friday night stuck in my head...oh god, in Anderson Audio, I was talking about rap, and then I was like "We should make a rap!" so Megan did the beat and I was like "Sitting in Auto ZONE..Cory wont get off the PHONE" and then I couldnt think of anything so I was just like "RIMS STILL SPINNIN!" cause I kept calling Anderson Audio Auto Zone and Justin Cory.
Saturday night, Megan, Jenna, Melissa and me smoked 5 bowls..and then Melissa's mom took me to my house and I went and picked up Olivia..who spent the night..and I called Richard and got him to bring my 8th over..and me and Olivia and him smoked a joint...and we were SO FUCKED UP. For like 3 hours. It was great. Greatness. But before, right when Richard pulled up, I was like..Let him in Olivia, I have to go to the bathroom. Cause my stomach felt really bad. So I went and I PUKED like two or three times. Then I came out and smoked a joint. And I was like, at one point "Earlier I vomited and LOST MY BUZZ! But I smoked another one and I got it back so its okay" And we got paper and pens out and wrote notes to eachother. God only knows what the fuck they say. I havent read them since I came down. Then the next morning we woke up and smoked another one that we got Richard to roll us the night before. And we were FUCKED UP.
Then Olivia's dad took us to her house, and Allison picked us up later, and we went and picked up Megan Henderson, then me and Megan stayed to Allison's cause Olivia had to go home. Megan told me the SWEETEST THING about Steven. We were talking about how he got me this really expensive braclet for Christmas, and she said that he called her and he was like "Megan turn it on the jewery channel Im trying to figure out what to buy Lauren!" and she said "Steven that stuff is like ten thousand dollars!" And he owes some jewery store like $100 cause he only had $50 when he went and bought it. Isnt that so sweet!! My god.
And the phone rang this morning at 9 am. And it was Bryan telling us to come over there. So we did. And so I hung out with Megan, Allison, Olivia, Bryan, and Anthony today. Because Anthony's back. You know, I dont get that feeling anymore around him. That sadness and love. Im a little sad. And I love him. But as a friend. And Im glad he's back, he's fun to hang out with. We were arguing about music..cause he was singing and I was like "That's Sublime aint it" and he was like "Yeah" and I said I loved them, and he was like "Shit, you dont know shit about Sublime." and I was like "Fuck yeah I do" and Bryan was like "Lauren knows her music", which made me laugh. And Anthony was like "You listen to Cake?" and I said "Yep." and he was like "Only cause I downloaded their shit on your computer!", which was very true. And it made me laugh. I was sitting on Olivia's tire swing with him and Bryan. And after that I said "Anthony" and he looked at me and I said "Are you high?" and he said "Im high on catnip bitch!" Then I left Olivia's with Bryan and Anthony, and gave them a ride to Anthony's, and then we were supposed to all take showers and go back to Olivia's to smoke a blunt but Anthony left with Frankie and went to Morehead, which pissed me off.
Steven. I love him. And I just got off the phone with him. He's grounded til school starts again. Im not going to be able to see him. And that's a shame cause he is SO CUTE. And I just got off the phone with him. I miss him now. Its addicitve. Having someone to love again.

you know, I think one of my favorite things about Steven is how I can say something that has nothing to do with what we're talking about and he'll immediately have a perfectly sensiable today we were just talking and all of a sudden I was like "Steventeen sent me october's magazine the other day and today they sent me febuary's" and he said "They know their months!" sarcastically, but in that really happy way he says sarcastic things...and anyone else would have been like "...Okay..."
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