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Oops...I did it again...

hurray...its sunday
Snuck out again. Friday night. Brittany and Justin picked me up here at 2:30. That was fun. We went and got food...and then we were thirsty so we went to my house in Marshallberg and I climbed up the roof and though my balcony and got this huge bottle of gatoraid cause the front door was locked. And then we went down to the Harbor and had a happy little meal. Didnt get home til 4 am.
Today when Steven called me he started talking to my mom. Then he asked if he could speak to the girl with the fuzzy white hat. I didnt know she was talking to him until she was like "The girl with the fuzzy white hat?" cause last time I talked to him he said he'd ask for me like that. He's crazy. And his mom picked up right when we were talking about g-strings, so when she hung up he said calmly "All she heard was 'g-string'" and I busted out laughing. Crazy.
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