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Hurray for memory loss and alcohol abuse...

Insane weekend...craziness...friday Amanda came to my house early with Anthony cause she didnt have to work and I was all YAY and then we went to Larry's and I was all YAY and then I drank alot and I was all PUKE...all over the place..the last thing I remember is drinking Pam and Sarah's Everclear and laying on the couch..and then apparently I started to spew everywhere and everyone was worried that I was gonna die so they got me naked and threw me in a tub, which is a little upsetting, cause like 10 girls saw me butt ass naked...shew..but that's okay...I was so was a good time...and Amanda, Im so sorry I worried yall and made yall think I was gonna die..I feel so bad for that...
But yeah, saturday Amanda took me to go drive for drivers me and Olivia and Ashley drove around and I felt like shit all day cause I had the worst hangover..and we told Mr. Buck the whole story, it was really funny...I drove to Frankie's house during my turn and we stayed there for a little while..and then I went to Larry's to get my shoes and my cellphone that I had accidently left there friday night...Larry and them left them all nice and neat on the steps, it was so cute..I love Larry..and then I went to Ashley's afterwards for a long time..and then I got my dad to pick us up and we went and picked Bryan up, because when I was at Ashley's house, Anthony and them asked us to spend the night there...but neither me or Ashley wanted to stay there with Anthony there and not Amanda...And Amanda, Ashley told me like 5 times "Amanda would get so mad at me if I stayed in the same house as Anthony and I really dont want her mad at me."....anyway...we were all gonna go to Frankie's til Amanda got off work, so i got my dad to take us there, but Frankie told us we couldnt be there right now and to come back later and that was gay so we just went to my house..and then Billy called me from Melissa's cellphone asking if I was alright and saying he heard I was in the hospital (Jenna spread that around..) and it was really sweet of him...well he was at Aaron Blake's and they were having a little party so he made me talk to Melissa..and they wanted us to go over there and it was only like 7 oclock so we went over there for a while..I drank more vodka and got kinda tipsy...yeah..and everyone's trying to get me and Adam to go out now..I dont really understand why...but I got in the worst mood, and we left, and I was so pissed off, so I kicked the hell out of Bryan and yelled at some people..and then Matt took us home and I cried for a long time..I dont really know why..Im just a little bit emotionally unstable, apparently (very apparently to anyone who reads this goddamned thing) and I told Ashley and Bryan about Billy and said "I hate him and I hate Melissa" about 20 times..but I dont, really..I guess me and Melissa made up..I love her to death..and I missed her when I hated its all good, I guess...but Bryan called Adam while I was sobbing and told him that I liked him...I mean I sorta do, you know, I'd go out with him and everything but I really dont wanna like him if he dont like me, and I dont think he I told Bryan and Ashley (while crying hysterically), Amanda said that Adam liked me before, and Jellyfish did maybe, before me and Billy started going out but "I said FUCK YOU to them all and I started going out with Billy, AND THEN HE DUMPED ME AND WENT OUT WITH MY BEST FRIEND"...yeah...I dont know..I want a joint so bad..a blunt..blunt!!! at that party some guy I dont know showed up and he had a cigar but I thought it was a blunt so I grabbed it and took like two huge hits..and then they told me it was a cigar..and I almost cried..and then I was screaming for a cigarette cause daddy bought me a pack before we went but I smoked or gave them all away within like 2 hours, so it sucked...but Adam handed me one like, out of the blue..and that calmed me down a little...a joint would have calmed me down a lot..but its all good..Im gonna go now....bye..bye...
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