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Goddammit. I hate school. But at least I get the same lunch as Steven, now. I get to sit with him for 30 minutes each day. That's the only good thing. And I get to see him before school. And inbetween 3rd and 4th per. And after school. But I get so much fucking work every goddamn night. This is fucking unbelieveable. Ms. Brown is a fucking phsyco bitch. I cant stand this shit. I cant even understand what the fuck she is TALKING ABOUT. Jesus fucking christ. You'd think she could just write it on the board but when she does I still dont know what she's talking about! JESUS CHRIST. And I have a worksheet in algebra but I dont know how to do it. Im so bad at math. Goddammit. Im going to die. I really am going to fucking die. All afternoon Ive felt like 3 seconds away from bursting into tears. This whole stress shit just aint cricket. I need weed. And Im getting some tommorrow or Im going to cry.
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