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SCHOOL TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So like sunday night Allison stayed over and it was the awesomeness cause Richard, Melissa, and Sarah came over here to bring me a pack of stoogs and I was like "Let's go riding around" and Richard was like "Alright" so we went to..get this...MOREHEAD! It was so awesome that he did that, he never does! So we went to Wal-Mart but they wouldnt let us in cause Allison didnt have any shoes so I was all "Fuck Wal-Mart" and we left. And Richard bought us Milkshakes and we went home.
Then monday night Melissa and Sarah stayed over here and we did like absolutely nothing cause my house is a boring old shit hole. Yeah. And that was that.
Tommorrow I get to go back to school, and see my Steven. Im so happy!
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