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Hurray for memory loss and alcohol abuse... [21 Mar 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Insane weekend...craziness...friday Amanda came to my house early with Anthony cause she didnt have to work and I was all YAY and then we went to Larry's and I was all YAY and then I drank alot and I was all PUKE...all over the place..the last thing I remember is drinking Pam and Sarah's Everclear and laying on the couch..and then apparently I started to spew everywhere and everyone was worried that I was gonna die so they got me naked and threw me in a tub, which is a little upsetting, cause like 10 girls saw me butt ass naked...shew..but that's okay...I was so drunk..it was a good time...and Amanda, Im so sorry I worried yall and made yall think I was gonna die..I feel so bad for that...
But yeah, saturday Amanda took me to go drive for drivers ed...so me and Olivia and Ashley drove around and I felt like shit all day cause I had the worst hangover..and we told Mr. Buck the whole story, it was really funny...I drove to Frankie's house during my turn and we stayed there for a little while..and then I went to Larry's to get my shoes and my cellphone that I had accidently left there friday night...Larry and them left them all nice and neat on the steps, it was so cute..I love Larry..and then I went to Ashley's afterwards for a long time..and then I got my dad to pick us up and we went and picked Bryan up, because when I was at Ashley's house, Anthony and them asked us to spend the night there...but neither me or Ashley wanted to stay there with Anthony there and not Amanda...And Amanda, Ashley told me like 5 times "Amanda would get so mad at me if I stayed in the same house as Anthony and I really dont want her mad at me."....anyway...we were all gonna go to Frankie's til Amanda got off work, so i got my dad to take us there, but Frankie told us we couldnt be there right now and to come back later and that was gay so we just went to my house..and then Billy called me from Melissa's cellphone asking if I was alright and saying he heard I was in the hospital (Jenna spread that around..) and it was really sweet of him...well he was at Aaron Blake's and they were having a little party so he made me talk to Melissa..and they wanted us to go over there and it was only like 7 oclock so we went over there for a while..I drank more vodka and got kinda tipsy...yeah..and everyone's trying to get me and Adam to go out now..I dont really understand why...but I got in the worst mood, and we left, and I was so pissed off, so I kicked the hell out of Bryan and yelled at some people..and then Matt took us home and I cried for a long time..I dont really know why..Im just a little bit emotionally unstable, apparently (very apparently to anyone who reads this goddamned thing) and I told Ashley and Bryan about Billy and said "I hate him and I hate Melissa" about 20 times..but I dont, really..I guess me and Melissa made up..I love her to death..and I missed her when I hated her..so its all good, I guess...but Bryan called Adam while I was sobbing and told him that I liked him...I mean I sorta do, you know, I'd go out with him and everything but I really dont wanna like him if he dont like me, and I dont think he does...like I told Bryan and Ashley (while crying hysterically), Amanda said that Adam liked me before, and Jellyfish did maybe, before me and Billy started going out but "I said FUCK YOU to them all and I started going out with Billy, AND THEN HE DUMPED ME AND WENT OUT WITH MY BEST FRIEND"...yeah...I dont know..I want a joint so bad..a blunt..blunt!!! at that party some guy I dont know showed up and he had a cigar but I thought it was a blunt so I grabbed it and took like two huge hits..and then they told me it was a cigar..and I almost cried..and then I was screaming for a cigarette cause daddy bought me a pack before we went but I smoked or gave them all away within like 2 hours, so it sucked...but Adam handed me one like, out of the blue..and that calmed me down a little...a joint would have calmed me down a lot..but its all good..Im gonna go now....bye..bye...

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[07 Mar 2004|12:34pm]
goddammit...I feel like dying...getting attached to people is so fuckin stupid..cause you just end up getting hurt, either way. I mean, even if they dont move, you're most likely to get hurt...And I hate not being happy..cause I was..and now its just..back to normal..and I wish I'd die..
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[25 Feb 2004|09:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

i dont know what's going on..i do too many drugs..and burn my braincells..and i cant remember anything..but um..the weekend before last...amanda stayed friday night..we went riding around with daniel til really late..then saturday she had to go to work..but i called larry..and he came and picked me and melissa up..and we went to a little party with him..and shit...and then went with richard somewhere..and then..next day..i was all pissed off at melissa cause she admitted to liking Billy..who she knew i liked...so i didnt talk to her til she went home..and then Billy called me and..asked me out..and...Im so happy...so next day Billy came and picked me up cause we had a snow day..even though it didnt snow.....again. and we went to melissa's..and..did drugs and shit..yeah...and then...some stuff...week...billy came and picked me up for school in the mornings..and it was great..and then thursday i stayed with megan cause we didnt have school friday..and it was an early release..so me and billy went after school and smoked a joint with some people i dont really know..and then..yeah..stayed with megan (henderson)...and then..friday night told daddy i was staying with melissa..she told her parents she was staying with me..then we went to some party...it kinda blew...boringness...and we ended up sleeping in kaleb's camper..yeah..then saturday night i stayed with melissa..and billy stayed with matt..and matt's house is really near to melissa's...so we were there most of the night..and it was just..the greatness..then..some stuff..sunday..yeah...monday...yesterday..today...im sick..left school early...but im so happy..cause i like billy alot..i mean like....more than i liked anthony. it's crazy.


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Buurrrrr burrr prrrrrrrrrllllllllll [11 Feb 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey dudey. Its been like four hundred years since I updated..I havent got a chance. Well last weekend I went to Raliegh with Amanda and Shannon, it was so much fun. Except like, police came when we were getting high in a park and it scared me shitless. And I bought the cutest skirt in the world. Seriously. I love my skirt.
Yesterday after school I went to Frankie's with Ashley and all that crowd..yeah..it was fun...they're all fuckin insane. And omg I stole Anthony's Sublime hat..it has like, two pot leaves on it, its great.
I moved in with my dad, cause my grandma was freakin and shit. So yeah. But Im going to get Justin and Frankie and them to build me a little shed, so I can put a couch, and a mircowave, and toaster, and minifridge, and tv in there. Its gonna be awesome. Cause everyone always needs a place to get high, and Ill have one! Im going to paint it bright orange. And I'll call it The Shack. The Looooove Shack. Not really.
Omg, and me and Steven broke up. Cause he was being retarded and shit so I screamed and freaked out. And then the next day I apologized and shit for making him look like a STUPID ASSHOLE in front of a ton of people. So, yeah. Oh well.

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At Amanda's house [31 Jan 2004|11:52am]
[ mood | happy ]

hey yo..hommie g...im here at amanda's...party last night..kicked ass..bought an 8th..smoked it all...Anthony and that crowd was here..it kicked ass..Larry is my dad's friend, he came, and he reminds me of my dad. And Richie did my voicemail thing..talking black..it was hilarious...anyone who calls my cellphone and hears that is gonna laugh their ASS off..Bryan couldnt come cause he didnt have a ride. Melissa was so disapointed..lol..she wants his penis! Steven didnt come either, I dont know why..I called him and his mom said he just left so I figured he was with David cause he was supposed to cause he was gonna stay to David's house...UNCLE DAVE...cause the other day I was like "David will you be my cousin?" and Melissa has to copy me so she was all "Be my uncle" and then everyone started calling him Uncel Dave..so he's my uncle now...yea..well he's like trying to call now so I have to get off the internet...GOODBYE...GOODBYE...

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[25 Jan 2004|03:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

last night at my house..so fuckin awesome...i got melissa over here..then we called bryan for some reason..cause we were stoned and i was like "lets call bryan.." so we did and asked him over here..and we got iva to take us to pick him up..then we went and picked up olivia and megan from olivia's..and all came back here and got stoned...and then amanda willis came over...and she was like "im stayin the night" and i was like..okay..so we got high again...and all of my family went to sleep or out...so bryan just stayed the night..it was so much fun...and then this morning my family woke up and Bryan was like...here...and shit..and then amanda left..and megan and olivia left after that...then melissa and bryan stayed here til a little while ago..and got stoned again....

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[17 Jan 2004|05:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey. Im here at Amanda's with Tinderfiddles in my lap. That party last night was sooo much fun. I cant remember most of it. We smoked like...5 bowls...and I drank alot of vodka..with smirnoff as a chaser...yeah....I love Amanda's parties..Man last night I couldnt stand up straight and people were holding me up and stuff...and I feel in the bathtub and shit...Its embaressing...lol. Like..David..and Justin...and Matt W...and Danny...and a bunch of other people from my school were there...and Im going to die if they remember that shit when I have to go back to school tuseday.

And OH MY GOD, Amanda dyed my hair tips blue. Right now Im waiting to rince it out. They're putting more pink highlights in her's now.

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cant wait til the weekend...amanda's party and jonnell over here...yay [14 Jan 2004|11:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

There's like...nothing to write about. Nothing's happened. And I cant even remember last time I wrote. I cant remember what happened yesterday. I think...the heroine is starting to get to me (what?)....

I really wish someone'd comment on my posty thingies...nobody ever does...

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[11 Jan 2004|12:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Woah that was a fun weekend. Friday we had this gay ass snow day shit and I didnt get to see Steven. I WAS SO UPSET. Then Melissa stayed the night, and I found $20 in grandma's car so bought an 8th. So..yeah...then saturday night, Olivia, Megan, and Melissa stayed here...and that was funnnn....lol...yeah. Man I love reefer. It was all smokey in my room..and we were passing around the bowl..and Bob Marley music was playing..and I had insense burning..and we were all happy. We kept laughing at the Bob Marley songs...it was all Jamacian and shit... Steven stayed the night at his cousin's...so I was so mad that I didnt get to talk to him. But then he called at like 11:30 when we were FRIED...and I think he was aggarvated...he acted mad...But it's okay..And then my aunt was all "What's that smell? It smells like there's something burning in there. That's awful, you need to put that out"...stupid fat bitch. But I had insense burning too...so you couldnt smell reefer...and Ive ate more food in the past two nights than I eat in a week...greatness.

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[08 Jan 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Goddammit. I hate school. But at least I get the same lunch as Steven, now. I get to sit with him for 30 minutes each day. That's the only good thing. And I get to see him before school. And inbetween 3rd and 4th per. And after school. But I get so much fucking work every goddamn night. This is fucking unbelieveable. Ms. Brown is a fucking phsyco bitch. I cant stand this shit. I cant even understand what the fuck she is TALKING ABOUT. Jesus fucking christ. You'd think she could just write it on the board but when she does I still dont know what she's talking about! JESUS CHRIST. And I have a worksheet in algebra but I dont know how to do it. Im so bad at math. Goddammit. Im going to die. I really am going to fucking die. All afternoon Ive felt like 3 seconds away from bursting into tears. This whole stress shit just aint cricket. I need weed. And Im getting some tommorrow or Im going to cry.

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SCHOOL TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [06 Jan 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So like sunday night Allison stayed over and it was the awesomeness cause Richard, Melissa, and Sarah came over here to bring me a pack of stoogs and I was like "Let's go riding around" and Richard was like "Alright" so we went to..get this...MOREHEAD! It was so awesome that he did that, he never does! So we went to Wal-Mart but they wouldnt let us in cause Allison didnt have any shoes so I was all "Fuck Wal-Mart" and we left. And Richard bought us Milkshakes and we went home.
Then monday night Melissa and Sarah stayed over here and we did like absolutely nothing cause my house is a boring old shit hole. Yeah. And that was that.
Tommorrow I get to go back to school, and see my Steven. Im so happy!

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[04 Jan 2004|01:45pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So like...friday night I snuck out with Brittany and Justin again and this time we all got caught..oh joy...but it was fun while it lasted...We were in the Tee Pee arguing over which food to buy when William came in and told Brittany that her mom was looking for her...so we left..and they dropped me off..and then Brittany told me that her mom had called Justin's parents...and everyone was flipping out. My grandma had woke up or something and I werent there. So she flipped out. But I didnt care. Im supposed to be grounded or some shit now. Pfft. Fuck that.
Well last night I talked to Steven for a long time. And this morning he woke me up when he called. And we're going to go to California. Yep. We talked about it. We're going to do it. The summer after 10th grade, when I'll have my license. We're going to pack a shit load of clothes up, and just leave at the beginning of the summer. And we'll have to have about $550 for gas money. Everyone says it'd be cheaper to fly, but it wouldnt be a road trip if we flew. And then once we get there we'll sleep on the beach or in the car. I know you probably dont believe me, but Im dead serious. And then we'll have to have a couple hundred dollars for food and shit like that. But the drive there is going to be like half the fun. We'll have to go though the desert, and we'll be able to see all the stars. And expecially if I have a convertable. That's what Im asking for, a mustang convertable. And I'll have to bring a video camera because people probably wouldnt believe us when we told them we packed our bags and went to California just for the hell of it. But Ill be damned. Im doing it.

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I got my film developed today! (4 DAYS!!!) [02 Jan 2004|09:03pm]
Steven, me, Allison, Olivia, Ellen

Bryan, Jeffery, Caralyn, J Dix, Daniel, David, Anthony, Kristen

Me, Trista, Anthony, Kristen
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6 days! [01 Jan 2004|02:53am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

And Ill be goddamned.
So last night I went to Amanda Hamilton's party after staying tuseday night with Megan. Amanda's party was KICK ASS. Amanda, your party was kick ass. Bryan and Anthony and Fred showed up..you should have heard Richie making fun of Fred and Fred taking Richie seriously..that was the funniest thing Ive ever heard in my life. But then again I was high. And I stayed the night there at Amanda's house...this morning people woke me up really early...like 9 oclock..and then they were talking about me and Richie sleeping all the time. I am now convinced that everyone is insane. And tommorrow I am sleeping til the afternoon or I will die. Tuseday morning Steven called me up and woke me up early-11. Wednesday Megan woke me up really early-9. And this morning everyone woke me up really early.
I need sleep. And Im so glad I went to Amanda's party. Amanda, I cant wait til your birthday party (lol, poor you guys for having to put up with me)
Now, I want to talk to my Steven. I havent been able to talk to him very much since he's grounded for wrecking a car...so I miss him. But there's only 6 days til I see him again!

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[29 Dec 2003|06:11am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Dude, its been a crazy fucking weekend.
Friday night I stayed with Megan..trying to remember what happened and shit...we smoked a joint out to the school..and then me and Katy and Jenna and Melissa and Megan rode around with Joey and Arren, who had beer. Katy spilled beer all over my pants so I made Arren give me his. And then I had to change in front of everyone. But I didnt care. And jesus...so much happened...I cant remember anything....Dude. But I certainly remember singing Colt 45 alot. Cause at Atlantic middle school there's a little place in the courtyard they call the Crack Hole cause everyone does drugs back there. And we were sitting back there and I just took a hit of the bowl and I said in a really high pitched voice "That is some gooooooood shit!" and everyone laughed...I love being high....And then Steven snuck out and got his cousin to steal his parents car to come to Atlantic to come visit me. And HE ASKED ME OUT! Finally! Lol. And I said yes. And we were sitting on Megan's swing and he put his arm around me and it was cute. But then on the way home THEY WRECKED THE CAR. And I felt sooo bad. Cause it was my fault. But Steven didnt get hurt. And I love him. And I talked to him on the phone yesterday. And he doesnt blame me at all! Crazy mofo. Actually, he says it was worth it. And when we got off the phone he said "I love you"..and I said "I love you too."
And saturday morning I had to get up really early cause Megan woke me up to go with her and her friend Justin for him to get speakers in his car. BOOM BOOMS! Justin's a sweet child. We went to Anderson Audio and I kept doing stupid things..Justin says Im funny...woo...beavers...and now I have this AC/DC song we were listening when I was riding around with Justin friday night stuck in my head...oh god, in Anderson Audio, I was talking about rap, and then I was like "We should make a rap!" so Megan did the beat and I was like "Sitting in Auto ZONE..Cory wont get off the PHONE" and then I couldnt think of anything so I was just like "RIMS STILL SPINNIN!" cause I kept calling Anderson Audio Auto Zone and Justin Cory.
Saturday night, Megan, Jenna, Melissa and me smoked 5 bowls..and then Melissa's mom took me to my house and I went and picked up Olivia..who spent the night..and I called Richard and got him to bring my 8th over..and me and Olivia and him smoked a joint...and we were SO FUCKED UP. For like 3 hours. It was great. Greatness. But before, right when Richard pulled up, I was like..Let him in Olivia, I have to go to the bathroom. Cause my stomach felt really bad. So I went and I PUKED like two or three times. Then I came out and smoked a joint. And I was like, at one point "Earlier I vomited and LOST MY BUZZ! But I smoked another one and I got it back so its okay" And we got paper and pens out and wrote notes to eachother. God only knows what the fuck they say. I havent read them since I came down. Then the next morning we woke up and smoked another one that we got Richard to roll us the night before. And we were FUCKED UP.
Then Olivia's dad took us to her house, and Allison picked us up later, and we went and picked up Megan Henderson, then me and Megan stayed to Allison's cause Olivia had to go home. Megan told me the SWEETEST THING about Steven. We were talking about how he got me this really expensive braclet for Christmas, and she said that he called her and he was like "Megan turn it on the jewery channel Im trying to figure out what to buy Lauren!" and she said "Steven that stuff is like ten thousand dollars!" And he owes some jewery store like $100 cause he only had $50 when he went and bought it. Isnt that so sweet!! My god.
And the phone rang this morning at 9 am. And it was Bryan telling us to come over there. So we did. And so I hung out with Megan, Allison, Olivia, Bryan, and Anthony today. Because Anthony's back. You know, I dont get that feeling anymore around him. That sadness and love. Im a little sad. And I love him. But as a friend. And Im glad he's back, he's fun to hang out with. We were arguing about music..cause he was singing and I was like "That's Sublime aint it" and he was like "Yeah" and I said I loved them, and he was like "Shit, you dont know shit about Sublime." and I was like "Fuck yeah I do" and Bryan was like "Lauren knows her music", which made me laugh. And Anthony was like "You listen to Cake?" and I said "Yep." and he was like "Only cause I downloaded their shit on your computer!", which was very true. And it made me laugh. I was sitting on Olivia's tire swing with him and Bryan. And after that I said "Anthony" and he looked at me and I said "Are you high?" and he said "Im high on catnip bitch!" Then I left Olivia's with Bryan and Anthony, and gave them a ride to Anthony's, and then we were supposed to all take showers and go back to Olivia's to smoke a blunt but Anthony left with Frankie and went to Morehead, which pissed me off.
Steven. I love him. And I just got off the phone with him. He's grounded til school starts again. Im not going to be able to see him. And that's a shame cause he is SO CUTE. And I just got off the phone with him. I miss him now. Its addicitve. Having someone to love again.

you know, I think one of my favorite things about Steven is how I can say something that has nothing to do with what we're talking about and he'll immediately have a perfectly sensiable responce...like today we were just talking and all of a sudden I was like "Steventeen sent me october's magazine the other day and today they sent me febuary's" and he said "They know their months!" sarcastically, but in that really happy way he says sarcastic things...and anyone else would have been like "...Okay..."

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[21 Dec 2003|05:31pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Last week was CRAZY. Steven gave us a joint. I went to Allison's house. I went to Olivia's house. They are completely insane. Anthony left for good. That was sad..I'll miss that crazy asshole. Steven likes me. He was supposed to ask me out last night but he didnt get to come to my house. So he's doing it some time this week. Im going to say yes, of course. He's cute. And now its Christmas break. There's like 4 days til Christmas. It doesnt feel like Christmas. We dont have a tree. Blah. I went and saw RotK the other night. It was pretty good...Yeah...Im bored! Im very bored. I want to talk to Steven. I'd call him if I wasnt scared. Im an idiot.

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[15 Dec 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Olivia's grandma died friday. It was so sad. Everyone was crying. God, god, god.
Then me and Brittany went shopping saturday. In Wilmington. I LOVE WILMINGTON! I bought the prettiest stuff for myself. This purple sweater from Forever 21, and a shirt from Wet Seal, and pink angora gloves from Wet Seal, and earrings from Wet Seal, and a scarf from Forever 21, and earrings from Pac Sun. I love Pac Sun. Well I have $50 left for me so I think Im going to buy a pocketbook, cause mine broke, or a hoodie. Cause I want one.
Well, saturday night me and Brittany sat here and watched a movie til Justin picked us up here at about 12 and we rode around til 4..he dropped us off at Brittany's cause my mom was flipping out and we didnt want to stay here..it was great fun...sunday I stayed at Brittany's..well, Justin's dog's paw got a door fell on it so we all went with Justin's mom to Havelock...stayed to Brittany's til sunday night...then I came home and fell asleep cause I was SO tired...today's monday.
School today may have been the last time I ever see Anthony. I stole his hat. But then he found me after school and made me give it back. I was pissed off. But he said he'd try to bring his Kurt Cobain shirt. And he hugged me..at lunch and before I got on the bus with Olivia after school. That may be the last time he ever touches me. And I said "I hope this isnt the last time I ever see you" and I told him to bring the shirt or I'd cry. And then I waved goodbye with tears in my eyes. He smiled.
After school I went to Allison's house with Olivia. Great fun. They're so crazy. I love them. I really do. We were all laying on Allison's bed and Olivia flopped down ontop of me and I was like "Olivia you're laying on top of my penis" and we laughed for like 10 minutes. OH! Lmfao, the funniest thing ever was when we were eatting chicken and I was like "Im sorry I got it all over your floor. If you ask, just be like 'Sorry mom, Lauren came over today'..she'll understand" and Olivia said "Its like those comercials..'Just tell your mom there's chicken all over the floor because you were getting stoned. She'll understand.'" I laughed sooo hard. Lol, I have on Olivia's Rainbows and Steven's coat. Steven was supposed to come get me at lunch today but he forgot. He said he'd come get me in the morning. To go in the boys bathroom. I dont know if Ill do it or not. Im scared now. Lol. Allison told me she thinks he likes me. That'd rock. He's cute.
Well, that's about it. Its been a lovely weekend. La dee da.

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Oops...I did it again... [07 Dec 2003|11:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]

hurray...its sunday
Snuck out again. Friday night. Brittany and Justin picked me up here at 2:30. That was fun. We went and got food...and then we were thirsty so we went to my house in Marshallberg and I climbed up the roof and though my balcony and got this huge bottle of gatoraid cause the front door was locked. And then we went down to the Harbor and had a happy little meal. Didnt get home til 4 am.
Today when Steven called me he started talking to my mom. Then he asked if he could speak to the girl with the fuzzy white hat. I didnt know she was talking to him until she was like "The girl with the fuzzy white hat?" cause last time I talked to him he said he'd ask for me like that. He's crazy. And his mom picked up right when we were talking about g-strings, so when she hung up he said calmly "All she heard was 'g-string'" and I busted out laughing. Crazy.

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[02 Dec 2003|06:23pm]
My heart hurts.
Im never going to let myself love somebody again.
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Steven is CRAZY. [01 Dec 2003|09:43pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

okay, so that tow headed boy Steven finally got up with me, he said he calls me like every day but I never get it. So yeah. He's like..funny and shit. We talked from like 5:45 to 7.20...and Im just updating cause...Im bored as shit. And shit. I bought a shirt with mary jane leaves on it. Its cool as fick. Fick. Yeah well. Steven was talking about last wednesday he was in wal-mart stoned and he was trying to steal Bruce Almighty on DVD, even though he doesnt have a DVD player, and he was like "Just as soon as I got the thing open, my pants fell down." and I laughed..then later he said that that couldnt of happened. What? And oh, he was talking about how at the Mullet Bucket these three guys from West came up to him and they were like blah blah blah and this one guy just stared at him without blinking the entire time right, and he was like "yeah he was trying to be all tough right, and umm...I pissed my pants"..he's funny.
And that's about it. Im...I dont know. So this weekend Megan asked me to stay to her house and that girl is trippin on acid and crack and coke and I dont know what else, so I probably will, go get nice and fucked up. But then I wanted Brittany to stay to my house one night, and Allison was supposed to, cause we talked about it last weekend, her and Olivia were gonna, so I don't know. I wish...my life...wasnt so fucked up.

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